Christmas 2018

Mars Wrigley Confectionery delivers good tidings of treats this Christmas with a jolly and delicious array of innovative new items and returning seasonal favorites. From decorating, snacking and gifting to stuffing stockings, baking and more, consumers will unwrap iconic brands — M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, SKITTLES®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, DOVE®, 3 MUSKETEERS®, MALTESERS, LIFE SAVERS® and CELEBRATIONS® – to brighten their holiday traditions.

Seasonal Trends

  • 51 percent of consumers give Christmas gifts with candy.
  • Nearly half of consumers fill candy bowls at home, and Minis make it easy. Each bag contains an assortment of their favorite brands – SNICKERS®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, DOVE® and 3 MUSKETEERS®
  • LIFE SAVERS® Hard Candy Sweet Storybook is the #1 selling storybook and #2 non-chocolate item overall.
  • 58 percent of consumers hang stockings; 77 percent include candy in Christmas stockings.

New Items

Item: Holiday Minis Mix Tree Gift Box

Description: Celebrate the holidays with a mix of your favorite minis, featuring SNICKERS®, Milky Way® and TWIX® all inside a decorated tree gift box.

SRP: $3.00

Item: SKITTLES® Holiday Mix Candy

Description: Delicious fruit flavors, decked out in red and green for the season!

SRP: $0.89

Item: CELEBRATIONS® Chocolates Magnum Gift Bottle

Description: Deliver a stylishly designed gift that’s sure to impress! The CELEBRATIONS® bottle contains a selection of everyone’s favorites: SNICKERS®, TWIX®, MILKY WAY®, DOVE® and BOUNTY®. Flip the bottle upside down to create an easy and decorative way to share with guests!

SRP: $10.99

Item: M&M’S® Milk Chocolate Candies Yard, SNICKERS® Bar Yard & TWIX® Bar Yard

Description: The gift that keeps on giving! These yards come in consumer favorites and can be gifted whole or broken up to use for stocking stuffers!

SRP: $13.99

Item: M&M’S® Peanut Chocolate Candies Holiday Cane

Description: The festive fun canes now feature M&M’S® Peanut Chocolate Candies, which is sure to be a huge hit this holiday!

SRP: $2.00


Description: A sweet, season inspired treat that’s sure to bring some holiday cheer to your taste buds! The classic candy cane shape is also a great touch when it comes to decorating this holiday!

SRP: $2.99


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