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New in May 2018, JUICY FRUIT® Mixies Gum is launching in a bulk Stand-Up Pouch. JUICY FRUIT® Mixies offer tons of variety and with four fruity flavors in every pack, consumers never get bored of one flavor. Each Stand-Up Bag contains a mix of Original, Strawberry, Watermelon and Grape flavors — allowing variety-loving consumers to trade up from 15- and 40-Piece Bottles. (120-piece Stand-Up Bag)

JUICY FRUIT® Collisions brings the power of 2-Flavors-in-1 to stick gum in May 2018. With two flavors colliding in every stick, it will be an exciting taste explosion with every chew! Available in Strawberry Watermelon and Tropical Berry flavor collisions. (15-Stick Pack)

JUICY FRUIT® is introducing a sweet and tasty Tropical flavor to our chunk gum assortment in May 2018. Blowing bubbles can now taste even sweeter with this new flavor that will take your taste buds on an island getaway. (5-Piece Pack)

Brand History

JUICY FRUIT® Gum was introduced in 1893. The oldest brand in the Wrigley family, JUICY FRUIT® was launched just a few months ahead of Wrigley Spearmint® gum.


Today, JUICY FRUIT® is more fun than ever! JUICY FRUIT® gums are available in a variety of formats and flavors. Different offerings include:

  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Original 15-Stick Pack
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Mixies 15-Piece Bottle
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Mixies 40-Piece Bottle
  • NEW JUICY FRUIT® Gum Mixies Stand-Up Pouch
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum with Starburst Flavors – Strawberry 15-Stick Pack
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Fruity Chews – Original 40-Piece Bottle
  • NEW JUICY FRUIT® Gum Collisions
  • NEW JUICY FRUIT® Gum Tropical

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JUICY FRUIT® Gum Insights

  • JUICY FRUIT® is the best-selling brand in Fun Gum, and JUICY FRUIT® Original Single is the best-selling Fun Gum item in the country. 1
  • JUICY FRUIT® has the highest penetration of any brand in the Fun Gum segment. 2


1Total US $ Sales, Nielsen Total US xAOC, Full Year 2017.

2US HH Penetration, Nielsen Panel Tracker, Full Year 2017.

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