Brand History

JUICY FRUIT® Gum was introduced in 1893. The longest available brand in the Wrigley family, JUICY FRUIT® was launched just a few months ahead of Wrigley Spearmint® gum.


Today, JUICY FRUIT® is more fun than ever! JUICY FRUIT® gums are available in a variety of formats and flavors. Different offerings include:

  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Original 15-Stick Pack
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum With Starburst Flavors – Strawberry 15-Stick Pack
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Fruity Chews – Original 40-Piece Bottle
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Collisions Strawberry Watermelon 15-Stick Pack
  • JUICY FRUIT® Gum Collisions Tropical Berry 15-Stick Pack
  • JUICY FRUIT® Bubble Gum Original 5ct
  • JUICY FRUIT® Bubble Gum Tropical 5ct

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Brand Insights

  • JUICY FRUIT® is the best-selling brand in Fun Gum, and JUICY FRUIT® Original Single is the best-selling Fun Gum item in the country. 1
  • JUICY FRUIT® has the highest penetration of any brand in the Fun Gum segment. 2

1Total US $ Sales, Nielsen Total US xAOC, Full Year 2017.

2US HH Penetration, Nielsen Panel Tracker, Full Year 2017.

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