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In early 2019, MALTESERS® will introduce 8.6 oz. resealable stand up pouches (SUP) for sharing. As the #1 bite-sized brand in the U.K.1, this treat features light, crispy, airy centers, dipped in smooth, chocolatey deliciousness. Consumers enjoy this snack for its playful crunch with a slow chocolatey melt.

Brand History

1936: MALTESERS® premiered in Slough, England, just one year after founder Forrest Mars introduced the incredibly successful Mars bar. First launched in a box format, MALTESERS® were an immediate hit and quickly became a favorite in the U.K.

1941: The production line for MALTESERS® was temporarily stopped during World War II, and the brand returned in 1951.

1959: The first MALTESERS® TV ad aired, focusing on the lightness of the product compared to other traditional chocolates.

Throughout the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s, MALTESERS® built a strong message of fun moments with a light, chocolatey taste. More pack formats from single bag to FUN SIZE® packs launched, with the pouch arriving in 2005.

2012: MALTESERS® celebrated its 75th anniversary in the UK market, looking back over a very successful past and celebrating its status as the number 1 bite-size brand in the U.K.

2015: Theater goers in the U.S. enjoyed MALTESERS® starting in Q4 2015.

2016: MALTESERS® officially launch a 31 oz. pack in Club. Consumers could entertain with 31 oz. party tub and enjoy MALTESERS® during the Christmas season.

2017: Retailers across the U.S. began offering MALTESERS® in five different sizes, ranging from 1.3 oz. singles to a 31 oz. party tub.

2018: MALTESERS® 2018 Share Box and 14.5 oz. Bucket packaging feature user-generated MALTESERS® games, leveraging brand’s unique positioning to drive distinctiveness and engagement.

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