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MILKY WAY® Salted Caramel Bar is the newest variety of MILKY WAY®. Salted Caramel Bar is a sweet-and-salty twist on the classic MILKY WAY®, showcasing rich milk chocolate, creamy caramel, and smooth nougat, and adding crunchy salt to take you to a whole new galaxy of flavor. The variety will be available in January 2020 in Single (1.56 oz.), Share Size (3.16 oz.) and Fun Size 6 Packs (3.38 oz.), with Share Size hitting Walmart shelves in October 2019.

Brand History

Created in 1923, MILKY WAY® Bar was named after a famed malted milkshake drink of the day. MILKY WAY® Bars contain chocolate malt flavored nougat and caramel covered with rich milk chocolate. MILKY WAY® Bar is available in several formats: as a 100 Calorie bar, Single Size bar, Share Size bar, FUN SIZE®, Miniatures, and in limited-edition seasonal flavors.


In addition to the iconic candy bar, the MILKY WAY® Brand portfolio also includes:

  • NEW MILKY WAY® Salted Caramel (Available January 2020)
  • MILKY WAY® Fudge
  • MILKY WAY® Midnight
  • MILKY WAY® Simply Caramel
  • MILKY WAY® Unwrapped Bites

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Brand Insights

  • A MILKY WAY® bar is a delicious distraction that helps you relish me-time moments with its generous caramel, chocolate and nougat combination.
  • Get ready to level up with our newest offering: MILKY WAY® Salted Caramel — A sweet-and-salty twist on a Milky Way® bar with smooth caramel, fluffy nougat and crunchy salt, all coated in rich milk chocolate.
  • Salted Caramel is a major trend in chocolate, with a +11% 4-yr CAGR1 and as caramel experts, we are excited to bring this trend to our classic treat.

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